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We are still here.

29 Sep

Lately we have been working on a grant application while keeping someone special (in Uganda!) in our hearts. We may have some incredible news in the next couple of weeks– please keep us in your thoughts as we continue down the road of international adoption. We have two adoption classes coming up, and we are doing all that we can to continue to raise funds! Stay tuned for more soon. Image


Second Home Visit

29 Jun

We had our second visit with our social worker today. She is so great to work with, and we are appreciative of her knowledge regarding the Uganda program. The visit went well, and we now have our next round of tasks to accomplish. It feels amazing to check items off the list, and I know each move brings us closer to our daughter. Our next move is in the hands of the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services, so we need to put our faith in bureaucracy at the moment. Please do the same for us!

Africa’s Daughters

19 Jun

Why Uganda? Why a girl? Watch this video to find out more about the reasoning behind our decision.

Video Version of our Zine

12 Jun

This is a video version of the zine we created a couple weeks ago. It explains some of our reasoning for adopting from Uganda, and a little more about us. Click here. Enjoy!


8 Jun

The fruit of our PhotoShop labor. Please read and share!

Plan and Visit

1 Jun

Monico crafted a brilliant letter we could send out to family and friends that explains why we chose Uganda. When we read it together, we both decided it would be a good idea for us to put all of the information together in a zine that we could distribute to more than just family and friends. This week has been dedicated to doing just that. We spent a total of 30 hours creating our masterpiece in Photoshop. It was my first experience with such an involved project in Photoshop- I am thankful for my teacher (Monico!). Our goal with this project is to not only raise awareness about the heart-wrenching number of orphans in Uganda, but to also have another keepsake we can eventually share with our daughter. Every step in this process is intentional. We want her to know that we are thinking about her each time we sign a form, or meet with someone from our agency. Each decision we make in this process is for her. Our hearts and home are ready for her.

In other news, we had our first home visit with our social worker today. We thought it went well, and we really appreciate how supportive she was. Completing the visit today means we are just about finished with our home study. Yay!

First Fingerprints

16 May

Today was productive. We took our chances on a teeny tiny local fingerprinting business, and we are glad we did. The gracious woman that took our prints made sure each print was perfect- she even had an incredible magnifying glass to examine each print carefully. We could not have asked for better service. She also wished us luck with our journey. After our prints were perfectly pressed onto our fingerprint cards, we filled out all of the appropriate paperwork and shipped everything off to CYFD. One more task in this exciting process checked off the list!

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