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31 Dec


We are welcoming a new year with the hope that we will spend eleven of the twelve months in 2013 with our daughter. Currently we are anxiously awaiting our court date. The hope is that it falls in February! That means we are down to a one-month wait. One month sounds manageable. Her room is ready, and we are more than ready. I love peeking in her room at different times of the day to imagine her in there playing, sleeping in a warm bed, reading, smiling, and laughing. The granny blanket on her bed is perhaps my favorite item in her room so far.

I will try to do a better job of documenting our journey over the next month. It seems more productive to stare at the gorgeous smile on our little one’s face than to write about how painful this wait is. We will see what unfolds in the next few weeks!


So much can happen in five weeks!

10 Nov

I promise our hiatus from blogging is for good reason. October brought change, loss, and a huge reminder that so many aspects of life are out of my control. Our adoption journey took a little turn down a new road, but we are still moving forward. The future looks bright for our family!

We hosted a silent auction to continue our fundraising efforts. It proved to be a success, and we appreciate the generosity of so many people. Today we took time to fill out postcards we made to send to the homes of the individuals who helped with our silent auction.


We also designed shirts we are selling to raise money. Monico’s aunt and uncle graciously printed the shirts and donated them to our cause. The design represents the bridge between New Mexico and Uganda we are building via our adoption, and our journey becoming a mother and father to a little girl. The colors are not symbolic, just a throwback to the 80s!


Our hearts are full of appreciation.

We are still here.

29 Sep

Lately we have been working on a grant application while keeping someone special (in Uganda!) in our hearts. We may have some incredible news in the next couple of weeks– please keep us in your thoughts as we continue down the road of international adoption. We have two adoption classes coming up, and we are doing all that we can to continue to raise funds! Stay tuned for more soon. Image


26 Aug

My horoscope on August 19th could not have been phrased better. I was reminded to stay focused on goals despite feeling like things are moving slowly and that positive results will soon come. The very next day we received a favorable determination from Homeland Security. This made the process feel even more real to us. I suppose it is comparable to a woman taking a pregnancy test and getting confirmation in writing from a doctor that she is pregnant. It is official- we can bring our daughter home! Well, now we can wait a little bit more for a referral and then bring her home. There is no sense in complaining about the wait at this point. We know the timing will be just right and we will soon know the precious girl across the world who is meant to be our daughter. We are content and grateful.

Second Home Visit

29 Jun

We had our second visit with our social worker today. She is so great to work with, and we are appreciative of her knowledge regarding the Uganda program. The visit went well, and we now have our next round of tasks to accomplish. It feels amazing to check items off the list, and I know each move brings us closer to our daughter. Our next move is in the hands of the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services, so we need to put our faith in bureaucracy at the moment. Please do the same for us!

Plan and Visit

1 Jun

Monico crafted a brilliant letter we could send out to family and friends that explains why we chose Uganda. When we read it together, we both decided it would be a good idea for us to put all of the information together in a zine that we could distribute to more than just family and friends. This week has been dedicated to doing just that. We spent a total of 30 hours creating our masterpiece in Photoshop. It was my first experience with such an involved project in Photoshop- I am thankful for my teacher (Monico!). Our goal with this project is to not only raise awareness about the heart-wrenching number of orphans in Uganda, but to also have another keepsake we can eventually share with our daughter. Every step in this process is intentional. We want her to know that we are thinking about her each time we sign a form, or meet with someone from our agency. Each decision we make in this process is for her. Our hearts and home are ready for her.

In other news, we had our first home visit with our social worker today. We thought it went well, and we really appreciate how supportive she was. Completing the visit today means we are just about finished with our home study. Yay!

Application Submitted!

15 May

The view after we submitted our application. Our hug in the parking lot is one that will never be erased from my mind. All I could think about was our growing family. The thought of Monico as a father warms my heart.


13 May



12 May


Here we go…

12 May

Step two…

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