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So much can happen in five weeks!

10 Nov

I promise our hiatus from blogging is for good reason. October brought change, loss, and a huge reminder that so many aspects of life are out of my control. Our adoption journey took a little turn down a new road, but we are still moving forward. The future looks bright for our family!

We hosted a silent auction to continue our fundraising efforts. It proved to be a success, and we appreciate the generosity of so many people. Today we took time to fill out postcards we made to send to the homes of the individuals who helped with our silent auction.


We also designed shirts we are selling to raise money. Monico’s aunt and uncle graciously printed the shirts and donated them to our cause. The design represents the bridge between New Mexico and Uganda we are building via our adoption, and our journey becoming a mother and father to a little girl. The colors are not symbolic, just a throwback to the 80s!


Our hearts are full of appreciation.


We are still here.

29 Sep

Lately we have been working on a grant application while keeping someone special (in Uganda!) in our hearts. We may have some incredible news in the next couple of weeks– please keep us in your thoughts as we continue down the road of international adoption. We have two adoption classes coming up, and we are doing all that we can to continue to raise funds! Stay tuned for more soon. Image

Screen Printing Snags

5 Jun

This process has taken much longer than we originally intended. I think we overlooked some of the most important aspects of screen printing- particularly the best type of ink to use. We needed to restart this project so many times, but the worst part was the ink. We used a water-based ink that dried much too quickly in the screen. After a day of frustration and scrubbing the screen relentlessly, we were forced to take it back to have the screen professionally cleaned and burned for a second time. Despite the snags along the way, we have some beautiful posters to sell. We are going to add a detail or two before we show the full image and start this fundraiser for real.

Let the saving begin!

11 May

Humble beginnings.

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