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23 Jul

We are completely amazed and thankful for the events that unfolded today. We received our appointment for our biometrics appointment with United States Citizenship and Immigration Services in the mail today. It is difficult to describe just how excited we were, until we opened the envelopes and saw the date. The date fell on the first day of school! There is no way I would get a sub for the first day of school, so we immediately called our social worker to get her advice about rescheduling our appointment. She told us some families have gone in person to reschedule and they end up getting fingerprinted on the spot. We took our chances and drove to the office. I kept my fingers crossed our whole way there. We walked in and talked to the “receptionist” sitting at the front of the room. He was wearing an intimidating uniform and had a rigid look on his face when he told us we needed to send in a request to reschedule. My heart sank. He then got up and talked with the fingerprint technician across the room. He came back and asked us if we wanted to be printed right away. Of course we said yes and filled out the necessary paperwork. We no longer need to wait almost three weeks to get fingerprinted with USCIS. We are done! Now we wait patiently for our referral. Yes!

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