17 Jul

First photo: Our receipt from Homeland Security. This means we will find out our fingerprint appointment in the next 10-14 days. It is nice to have a timeframe to hang on to- I feel it is easier to remain patient with a tangible piece of paper I can look at and count down days.

Second photo: Jake and Karin are undoubtedly two of the most kindhearted individuals we know! We are blessed with supportive friends and family, but we wanted to share what Jake and Karin did with the poster they bought from us. They came out to support us for the bike ride we did in June, and they have been holding on to their wristbands from the event since then. That alone suggests how thoughtful they are in supporting our cause. They called the other day to see if they could purchase one of our posters, and we were thrilled! Their enthusiasm did not stop there. A few days after they purchased the poster, Jake posted the photo above on Instagram. They framed the poster with the wristbands from the bike ride. It is difficult to explain in words how this touched our hearts. This was our intent with the poster. We wanted to create a piece of art that represents our journey, so supporters could hang it in their homes and be forever reminded of how they changed the lives of three individuals. We would not be able to bring our daughter home without the support of others. Thank you to the selfless people we are fortunate to have on our side!

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