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26 Aug

My horoscope on August 19th could not have been phrased better. I was reminded to stay focused on goals despite feeling like things are moving slowly and that positive results will soon come. The very next day we received a favorable determination from Homeland Security. This made the process feel even more real to us. I suppose it is comparable to a woman taking a pregnancy test and getting confirmation in writing from a doctor that she is pregnant. It is official- we can bring our daughter home! Well, now we can wait a little bit more for a referral and then bring her home. There is no sense in complaining about the wait at this point. We know the timing will be just right and we will soon know the precious girl across the world who is meant to be our daughter. We are content and grateful.



23 Jul

We are completely amazed and thankful for the events that unfolded today. We received our appointment for our biometrics appointment with United States Citizenship and Immigration Services in the mail today. It is difficult to describe just how excited we were, until we opened the envelopes and saw the date. The date fell on the first day of school! There is no way I would get a sub for the first day of school, so we immediately called our social worker to get her advice about rescheduling our appointment. She told us some families have gone in person to reschedule and they end up getting fingerprinted on the spot. We took our chances and drove to the office. I kept my fingers crossed our whole way there. We walked in and talked to the “receptionist” sitting at the front of the room. He was wearing an intimidating uniform and had a rigid look on his face when he told us we needed to send in a request to reschedule. My heart sank. He then got up and talked with the fingerprint technician across the room. He came back and asked us if we wanted to be printed right away. Of course we said yes and filled out the necessary paperwork. We no longer need to wait almost three weeks to get fingerprinted with USCIS. We are done! Now we wait patiently for our referral. Yes!


17 Jul

First photo: Our receipt from Homeland Security. This means we will find out our fingerprint appointment in the next 10-14 days. It is nice to have a timeframe to hang on to- I feel it is easier to remain patient with a tangible piece of paper I can look at and count down days.

Second photo: Jake and Karin are undoubtedly two of the most kindhearted individuals we know! We are blessed with supportive friends and family, but we wanted to share what Jake and Karin did with the poster they bought from us. They came out to support us for the bike ride we did in June, and they have been holding on to their wristbands from the event since then. That alone suggests how thoughtful they are in supporting our cause. They called the other day to see if they could purchase one of our posters, and we were thrilled! Their enthusiasm did not stop there. A few days after they purchased the poster, Jake posted the photo above on Instagram. They framed the poster with the wristbands from the bike ride. It is difficult to explain in words how this touched our hearts. This was our intent with the poster. We wanted to create a piece of art that represents our journey, so supporters could hang it in their homes and be forever reminded of how they changed the lives of three individuals. We would not be able to bring our daughter home without the support of others. Thank you to the selfless people we are fortunate to have on our side!


6 Jul

It is official! Our I600A form is currently traveling on a FedEx truck to US Citizenship and Immigration Services. We now wait (patiently!) for our paperwork to be processed, and then we will be given a date/time in which we get fingerprinted. This will surely be an exercise in patience.

Africa’s Daughters

19 Jun

Why Uganda? Why a girl? Watch this video to find out more about the reasoning behind our decision.

Lisa Turns 26!

10 Jun

Lisa turns 26 in ten days, and we are hoping to have at least 300 people donate just $10 toward our adoption to celebrate! Please CLICK HERE to donate, and share this event with as many people as possible. Thank you!


8 Jun

The fruit of our PhotoShop labor. Please read and share!


7 Jun

Our time creating posters has come to an end, and we are excited to start sending them out to the many people helping us bring our daughter home. These posters represent the heart within a beautiful young girl waiting for us in Uganda. We know her heart is full of love. We know she is likely alive at this time, because we are not adopting a newborn. It is about 6am in Uganda as I type, and I can’t help but hope she is sleeping comfortably and she is well. We hope for her safety and well-being often throughout each day. All we can do at this point is remain patient while paperwork is being completed. In the meantime, we are looking to others for support. Purchasing a poster for $50 is certainly one of the ways in which you can do so. With the purchase of a poster, you are not only helping us, but you are instrumental in helping us decrease the number of orphans (2.5 million!) in Uganda. Please click the ‘Buy Now’ button if you wish to purchase a poster. If the cost of a poster is not affordable at this time, we are grateful for any amount donated.

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